FITR – pronounced and originated from the word ‘fighter’

A fighter continues to show grit and achieve great things in spite of the difficulties they face.

Whether you are fighting physically or mentally, we want to be part of your journey.

Created from passion and built through perseverance, FITR was born with the intention to be your partner in self-growth and betterment - while you become the fighter of your fears and the conqueror of your goals. We are a reminder to never give up. 

Our apparel aims to provide you with the vessel which helps you achieve your goals and rise up to any challenge.

Our vision is to empower and inspire every individual in their fight for their cause.

Our values

  • Create with passion
  • Empower through our mission
  • Lead with courage
  • Fight with resilience and perseverance

We hope you can be part of our journey and together, achieve greatness and create the best versions of ourselves. 

With you all the way,

THE FITR team.